Returns and warranty

Order Cancellation

Mde a purchase and changed your mind? You have 2 hours after placing an cancel it

Bad Quality Product


The Quality of this product is covered by a warranty from Jefmaz. 7 days from the moment you received the order .device issues after usage or the expiration of the return, seller warranty could be given by the seller. for seller warranty please contact seller or contact us


If it doesn’t work or doesn’t fit its description, please contact our support teem.


After the refund is processed,the money will be transferred to your bank account within 14 days.

Return Process

Will customers get any proof of return ,once they drop off the product at the post office?

Customers will get a receipt from the postal office as a proof of return with a reference number.

What to do if the post office denies my return package?

We ensure that the post office accept all the packages which has the postal return option, In case of discrepancy please contact customer service viaContact Us to report the concern.

How long is the Return process?

How long is the Return process?

After you have submitted your request, and your item has been picked up or dropped off, it takes 5-14 business days for the return process to be completed.