The best online shopping website in Sri Lanka. Jefmaz is home to an unlimited range of products  distribution and delivery of retail goods, electrical appliances, herbs, books and school supplies, auto parts, clothing & accessories, building materials, computers , communication devices and all other electronic appliances via Internet, locally & overseas.

Our History

Developed by Ideal Data Entry Computer Institute Company, which has been providing educational tools including online tutorials and computer software since 2009, the Jefmaz.lk website facilitates reliable home-based delivery of goods across the internet in Sri Lanka, And our website is designed in such a way that anyone can easily shopping .
This website also provides small and medium scale retailers in Sri Lanka to market their products. The website Jefmaz.com, which is being developed, provides an opportunity to market Sri Lankan products to the world.

Our Story

Jefmaz has more than 5000 products to offer in categories ranging from consumer electronics,beauty & health,fashion,spear parts,house hold goods, groceries and more..

Jefmaz is focused on providing on excellent customer experience,ease of purchase, customer help and free shipping and returns experience.

Be a Seller on jefmaz

We believe that today’s sellers need no stocks to start and run their retail business. As people started preferring buying online, it relieves sellers from investing and storing of items physically. If previous generation stores were all about muscle power of showcasing who has a bigger store and wider collections under one roof, today’s generation is about who can market and sell better.

Jefmaz is not just a business, it’s our dreamchild. We dream that there would be millions of sellers showcasing items on their website or on tablets to their customers and take orders whereas we fulfill their orders. All that a seller may require, if at all, would be a few sample pieces for their customers to experience.

We provide both wholesale and drop shipping services to ensure your business will be taken care of.Jefmaz is constantly praised for our strong technical support, easy operation and wide product range. We dedicate to provide comprehensive service to help you set up and grow your business.