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You can contact Jefmaz Customer Service for all of questions and queries on any of the following step during office hours (9 am to 5 pm Sri lankan time)

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Jefmaz International(PVT)LTD

No -578, Kudagammana, Giriulla ,Sri Lanka

Officeline   : 0117 112 432

Hotline        :+94772772377

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WhatsApp Chat : +94772 772 377

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    Q. What is Selling?

    Selling your products on is quick and easy!

    1. Simply click the Login / Register and submit your Email and Password.

    2. Select vendor section .

    3. If you are not already logged in, you will need to log in as the first step of selling your products.

    4. Register & list your product provide details of yourself & your business provide information about your products.

      Then you should send request mail to info@jefmaz,lk or Call +94117 112 432

      Your ad will go live once it has been reviewed (this usually takes less than 4 hours during office hours).



    There are no hidden costs, membership is free! There is absolutely no cost to join

    Q. Do I need to buy the products before I sell them?

    You’ll need minimal initial funds when you’re starting your own selling business with Jefma. You don’t need to buy any products before selling them. Only after you get order and you get paid for the item you have listed on your site or a marketplace, you can place the order for the same item with us and pay us our discounted price.

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